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British Journal of Translation, Linguistics and Literature (BJTLL) is a double-blind peer-reviewed quarterly, bilingual, open-access journal that aims to boost and promote the studies of Translation, Linguistics, and Literature from a diverse scope of scholarly perspectives, reflecting different approaches and distinctiveness of these fields of scholarship. We seek excellence in our selected subjects across our journal, so articles are thoroughly being examined and checked prior to publication. BJTLL publishes articles both in English and Arabic, to bridge the gap between Arabic and English cultures, and between Arabic and Western scholarship. Thus, the catchphrase tagline of BJTLLOne People, One Nation’ represents our ultimate vision. BJTLL is mainly dedicated to the publication of original papers, on Translation, Linguistics, and Literature in two languages, i.e. English and Arabic. Our rigorous scholarship and publications are discoverable and available in print and online to the widest range of readership worldwide access-free.

BJTLL is published by UK Bright Horizons Ltd, one of the Britain's esteemed and distinguished centres of learning and Presses enjoy the highest academic standards through the scholarly appraisal of our international editorial board.

BJTLL offers a high standard of customer service: quick, punctual, straightway, courteous, friendly and helpful. UKBH is a non-profitable company and accordingly BJTLL is non-financially supported by any organisations and/or institutions. To ensure that we can continually grow and invest in our future publishing programme, a small charge (£100) is applicable to all authors submitting their articles to the journal.